Robinson + Alanna Married//Ancaster Old Town Hall//Ancaster, Ontario Wedding Photographer

I am so stoked to share this wedding with you all today! Robinson and I have known each other since we were kids in youth group in grade 10. This community that Robinson and I (and so many good friends) were in hugely impacted my life. A handful of us maintained our relationships throughout the following years of our youth. It was so exciting to see how Robinson and Alanna’s relationship begun (Robinson had seen Alanna in Starbucks a few times and decided to ask her out, she declined in which Robinson responded “well, you win some, you loose some” - a while later they went on their first date) and also how it unfolded into something so beautiful.

Robinson and Alanna decided to have a small, intimate wedding (which I always adore!) at the Town Hall in Ancaster, Ontario. They choose amazing vendors - including a few local vendors from Hamilton like Johnny Blonde and A Fine Medley, to piece their wedding together so perfectly. 

Robinson and Alanna, it was such an honour photographing your love and your wedding celebration. It was a wedding that so many people were thrilled to witness, and celebrate. You both are so loved!